Grab, go and dispose

blu GO™ Disposable

  • Designed for vapers new to blu
  • Grab and go, no charging needed
  • Simply dispose of when finished

Convenient and less work opposite to the other e-cig kits I've tried. These also last a long time!


To start your journey

Charged, pre-filled and ready. Straight out of the pack.

blu GO™ Disposable

blu GO™ Disposables come in two different flavours – Tobacco and Menthol – and are pre-filled and charged. This means that your blu GO™ Disposable can be used as soon as you take the disposable e-cig out of its packet, allowing you to vape without any hassle.

Once you’re finished with your blu GO Disposable, simply discard by putting it in the bin, or recycling your disposable e-cigarette accordingly.


How do disposable e-cigarettes work?

Disposable electronic cigarettes come in one piece with everything you need built into the device to start vaping instantly. The device contains a battery, atomiser and flavour cartridge.

Can I recharge my disposable e-cigarette?

No, the device is intended for one-time use only. The battery built into the device is not rechargeable. If you’re looking for a rechargeable device, please see our blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit or blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit.

How long do blu GO™ Disposables last?

Depending on your vaping style, blu GO™ Disposables may deliver around 400 puffs. The amount of time the battery remains charged for also depends on how often you use the device.

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