blu PLUS+™ E-Cig & Charge Kit

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  • Pack charges your batteries on the go in less than 30 minutes up to six times
  • LED indicators on side of the pack tell you when you need to charge
  • Sleek and slim pack design that fits easily in a pocket or purse

We all know how it feels to have to find somewhere to charge a battery when it’s running low. That’s why we made the blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit to vape on the go. Now you can charge your batteries wherever you go. No cords or outlets needed.

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What's in the pack?

your blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit includes

  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ Charge Case

  • +
  • 2 x blu PLUS+ Tobacco™ Refills (1.6% per refill)

  • +
  • 2 x blu PLUS+™ Batteries

  • +
  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ USB Charger

"I am very pleased with my charger kit, it is very handy. I can go out and not worry that my battery is going to run out of charge, it is easy to use and charges up to 6 times. A really good buy, love it."


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why choose blu plus+™ Charge kit

  • Portable power

    Charge your spare battery up to six times on the go with the blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit. Never worry about finding an outlet to charge or travelling with unnecessary accessories.

  • Compact Design

    A sleek, portable and compact design makes this kit easy to transport and use practically anywhere for most occasions.

  • blu PLUS+™ Essentials

    Our blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit has enough storage to make sure all essentials are on hand, safe and secure.

blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit

Not around an outlet to charge your batteries? No problem! The blu PLUS+ Charge Kit will ensure you are never without a charged battery. The blu PLUS+™ Charge Case will charge your batteries up to six times before needing a recharge. The blue light indicator on the side of the pack will flash each time you put a battery on to charge. If the blue light on the side flashes three times, this means there are three charges left in the case. Designed with you in mind, the pack quickly charges your batteries in less than 30 minutes.

How do I change my cartridge refills?

With blu those fumbling days are over. Visit our tips and tricks section to get the most out of your blu e-cigarette.

View instructions


What are some of the features of the blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit?

  • Faster charging batteries
  • Longer-lasting blu PLUS+™ Cartridge Refills
  • A significant amount of vapour for a more complete vaping experience
  • More consistency from puff-to-puff
  • Conveniently sized and easy-to-use

What are the indicators on the side of the blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit?

The top light on the side of the pack is blue and refers to the pack’s charge. When the pack needs recharging, the blue light will blink rapidly, approximately every two minutes. This light will also blink when you first place a battery into the pack for charging. The number of times the blue light blinks indicates the approximate number of times the pack can charge the battery before the pack needs recharging.

The bottom light is red and is associated with the battery’s charge. The red light will glow when the battery is properly loaded into the pack and the lid is closed. The red light will stop glowing once the battery is fully charged.

Can I store blu PLUS+™ Cartridge refills in my blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit?

Yes. The blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit will hold three blu PLUS+™ Cartridge refills. The best way to store your flavour cartridges is in your pack, sealed with their cap and pull tab in place with the end that attaches to the battery facing down. This ensures the flavour contained inside the cartridge is close to the atomiser located inside the cartridge and will subsequently help maintain optimal performance from the first puff.

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