blu PLUS+™ E-Cig & Slide Kit

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  • Slim, easy slide e-cig case
  • USB battery charge up
  • Perfect for vapers new to blu

Using your blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit is simple. Attach a blu® flavour cartridge refill to the battery and vape. Storing your blu PLUS+™ is crafted for convenience including an easy slide opening for quick removal and insertion.

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What's in the pack?

your blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit includes

  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ Slide Case

  • +
  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ USB Charger

  • +
  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ Battery

  • +
  • UK Slide Kit Batteries Pack | blu UK

    2 x blu PLUS+ Tobacco™ Refills (1.6% nicotine strength)

"I bought blu the Plus+ Slide Kit and I'm really impressed with this kit. The touch it's smooth, it fits in my back pocket very easily, taste is very smooth and doesn't have a bitter after taste. Really impressed with service and fast delivery. I will recommend it to my friends."


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why choose blu plus+™ Slide Kit

  • Sleek & compact

    The blu PLUS+™ Slide case is designed to be sleek and compact. In our matte black, the case protects your blu and is as easy to pack and carry as it is to use.

  • Smooth slide

    Our smooth glide design allows you to easily slide your blu PLUS+™ from the slide case without even having to open it.

  • Just the right size

    The PLUS+™ Slide Kit comes in a compact, traditional size that allows for easy, hassle-free mobile carry.

blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit

With instinctive smooth draw technology, the blu PLUS+ ™ Slide Kit is the ultimate no-fuss starter kit for beginners.

Featuring a stylish matte black design, the blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit is sleek, compact, and simple to store gliding smoothly into the protective blu PLUS+™ Slide case.

The lithium-ion e-cigarette battery is built for performance while the built-in responsive blue LED tip flashes to alert you when you’re e-cigs due to for recharge.

The blu PLUS+™ e-cigarette kit’s compatible with a range of unique flavours including Classic Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Blueberry, Cherry and Strawberry Mint. View the full range of e-cigarette tanks here in the blu flavours department.

The blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit consists of:

  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ Slide Case
  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ USB Charger       
  • 1x blu PLUS+™ e-cigarette battery
  • 2 x blu PLUS+™ Tobacco Refills (1.6% nicotine strength)

For more information on e-cigarette kits by blu, check out our About blu Products section here.

How do I set up my blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit?

With blu those fumbling days are over. Learn how to set up your kit in three simple steps.

View instructions


What comes with a blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit?

The blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit contains:

  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ Slide case
  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ USB charger
  • 1 x blu PLUS+™ Battery
  • 2 x blu PLUS+ Tobacco™ Cartridge Refills (1.8% nicotine strength)

What are some of the features of the blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit?

  • Faster charging batteries
  • Longer-lasting blu® Cartridges
  • A significant amount of vapour for a more satisfying vape experience
  • More consistency from puff to puff
  • Conveniently sized and easy-to-use

Can I return a defective blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit?

Our Customer Service team are happy to help with any query you may have regarding incomplete, incorrect or damaged items and orders.

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