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blu PRO® E-Cigarette

  • Easy refilling with blu® Liquids
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Indicator lights notify you of your blu PRO® charge level

The battery on the blu PRO® lasts a long time and it is very easy to use and maintain. It is worth the investment. I love it!

blu PRO E-Cigarette | blu US blu PRO E-Cigarette | blu US
blu PRO® E-Cigarette Kit
£ 17.99
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blu® E-Liquid Cherry Flavour
£ 3.99
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blu PRO® Clearomiser Tank
£ 5.49
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Our blu PRO® Kit has everything you’re looking for. Long battery life and smooth taste.
The blu Pro® kit was made with you in mind to give you the perfect vaping experience.

blu PRO+™ Kit Generation 2016 Large-1| blu®

blu PRO® E-Cigarette Kit

£ 17.99

what's in it for me?

  • Top-filling clear window clearomiser for easy refills
  • Long-lasting battery for optimal use between charging
  • Indicator lighting to monitor your charge level

what's in the pack?

  • blu PRO™ E-Cigarette Kit Image | blu US
    1 blu PRO® Clearomiser
  • +
  • blu e-cig car charger | blu US
    1 blu PRO® Rechargeable Device
  • +
  • blu Liquid image | blu US
    1 blu PRO® USB Charger
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Add extra taste

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  • blu® E-Liquid Blueberry Flavour

    £ 3.99
  • blu® E-Liquid Tobacco Flavour

    £ 3.99


Want the most out of PRO? You'll need some extras!

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  • blu PRO® Clearomiser Tank

    £ 5.49
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  • blu PRO® Rechargeable Battery Device

    £ 15.99
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blu PRO® Kit

The blu PRO® Kit is designed for a long-lasting vape and has user-friendly features included to help conserve its charge. With an optimised coil resistance for a smoother taste, the blu PRO® Kit is ideal for those looking for a refined vape. The improved flavour and draw mean that the blu PRO® offers a vaping experience like never before.


How do I fill up the blu PRO® Kit Clearomiser with e-liquid?

Unscrew the mouthpiece and place the nozzle of your chosen blu® Liquid or blu PRO® Liquid against the inner wall of your clearomiser. Gently squeeze the bottle to coat the inner wall with liquid, avoiding the centre tube. Be careful not to fill the clearomiser past the top of the triangle in the clear window. Screw the mouthpiece back onto the clearomiser and prime as directed below.

How long will it take to charge my PRO® Rechargeable Device?

It will take approximately three hours to charge your blu PRO® Rechargeable Device.

How often should I replace my blu PRO® Rechargeable Device?

The performance of the blu PRO® Rechargeable Device depends on multiple factors, including how much you vape. So no generic answer can be given. If you start noticing changes in your battery performance, it's time to replace.

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