blu PRO® E-Cigarette Kit

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  • Most advanced blu vaping experience
  • Larger battery that lasts all day
  • Easy refilling with blu flavour e-liquids

Our blu PRO® Kit just got even better. Designed to have a smoother taste and premium features, the blu PRO® Kit is built for a better flavour experience than before.

Only compatible with the blu PRO® Clearomiser and blu PRO® Rechargeable Device.

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What's in the box?

your blu PRO® Kit includes

  • blu PRO™ E-Cigarette Kit Image | blu US

    1 blu PRO® Clearomiser

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  • blu e-cig car charger | blu US

    1 blu PRO® Rechargeable Device

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  • blu PRO™ E-Cigarette Kit Image | blu US

    1 blu PRO® USB Charger

"I bought the blu PRO two weeks ago and I love it."


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why choose blu PRO® Kit

  • Pro-level vapour delivery

    Enjoy smooth, consistent vapour through a unique ergonomic mouthpiece that is controlled with the touch of a finger.

  • Power of blu PRO®

    blu PRO® holds a long-lasting charge and uses our largest clearomiser. Now, spend less time recharging and refilling.

  • Know your charge

    With blu PRO®, monitor your charge level with LED indicators.

blu PRO® Kit

The blu PRO® Kit contains several user-friendly upgrades. The blu PRO® Kit contains a top-filling clear window clearomiser for easy liquid refills. Indicator lights at the base of the device help you monitor your battery power throughout the day. With an upgraded battery connection and simple charging, you can now vape longer and charge faster than before. Optimised coil resistance creates a smoother, purer taste.

How do I know when I need to charge my blu PRO®?

The blu PRO® Battery can be fully charged in just 3 hours and will last for longer than ever.

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How long does a fully-filled clearomiser last before I need to refill it?

Depending on your vaping style, your blu PRO® device will allow you to inhale approximately 300 puffs from a fully filled clearomiser. We recommend you keep your clearomiser at least a quarter full to maintain a better flavour. The e-liquid level can be monitored using the clear window on the side of the device.

How do I know my blu PRO® Rechargeable Device is charging and is fully charged?

When fully charged, the battery tip will blink red and then turn blue. After charging, both the battery button and LED tip will blink 20 times before the device shuts down. Once your blu PRO® Rechargeable Device is connected to a USB-compatible device, the button and LED tip of the battery will blink three times and stay lit to show the battery is charging.

How do I know if I'm overusing my blu PRO® Kit?

If you take a single puff lasting ten seconds or more, the device will stop producing vapour and will reset after ten seconds. This will not affect your blu PRO® device on a long-term basis. This feature ensures that your blu PRO® Kit stays within normal operating conditions to provide a consistent, quality experience.

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