What are e-cigarette Chargers

E-cigarettes are powered by batteries which in turn can be topped up whenever they run out of charge. There are also some e-cigarette kits, such as the blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit, that can recharge batteries whilst in the case.

What are e-cigarette chargers used for?

E-cigarette chargers recharge the batteries that power e-cigarettes. E-cigarette batteries last at least 300 puffs and once they have run out charge, they need to be plugged in and topped up. Charging usually takes between 1 and 3 hours, and the battery’s LED tip will flash once the device has finished recharging.

What are the different e-cigarette chargers available from blu?

blu offers a variety of chargers designed to suit various needs, and these are:

▪  USB Charger - Plugs into the e-cig and can be charged through a laptop
▪  Mains Adaptor - Plugs into the e-cig and works faster than charging through a laptop
▪  blu PRO® Kit USB Charger - Plugs into the blu PRO® and into any USB-compatible device

Another blu product which charges your e-cigs is the blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit. The case itself is charged using the charger included in the kit, and when e-cigarettes or batteries are placed within the ports inside it charges them in turn. The case can hold enough charge to allow for six recharges of an e-cigarette battery before the case needs to be recharged itself.