About blu® e-cigarette Flavours

Premium e-cig flavours from blu are manufactured in the USA following wide-ranging research and development. With the help of blu customers, we’re constantly exploring new e-cigarette flavour combinations to ensure we deliver a high standard of products to our customers. Whether you’re looking for minty, sweet or traditional vaping flavours, at blu we have a unique selection available to explore.

blu® Flavours, a brief overview



  • Our tobacco e-cig flavours are designed for an authentic taste. Tobacco e-cigarette flavours from blu are compatible with all of our e-cigarette models, blu PLUS+™ and blu PRO®




  • Another recognisable e-cig flavour, menthol vaping flavours offer a cool, refreshing sensation with every draw. This flavour is available in a variety of nicotine strengths and compatible with each of our blu® e-cigarette products, blu PLUS+™ and blu PRO®




  • The cherry e-cigarette flavour by blu is designed to achieve the tart yet rich flavour of juicy cherries. Crafted to be bright yet subtle, our cherry vaping flavours are adaptable to the blu PRO® and blu PLUS+™ devices allowing our customers to experience cherry e-cig flavours with ease.




  • Our blueberry e-cig flavour was crafted for a unique taste and is ready for use with the blu PLUS+™ or the blu PRO® e-cigarette ranges. Keep things interesting with the flavour of vine-riped blueberries.


Strawberry Mint


  • We designed the strawberry mint e-cigarette flavour as a surprising combination of sweet and minty zest. The strawberry mint e-cigarette flavour is available in e-liquid and cartridge refill form to fit the blu for you.