How blu GO™ Disposables Work

Ready to vape disposables offer all the functions of a traditional e-cig without the need to set up or recharge. Disposables are ideal to use while travelling, as they’re lightweight and require zero maintenance.

How to use blu GO™ Disposables in three simple steps

Using the blu GO™ Disposable is easy! Our disposable e-cigarettes come charged and once finished can be disposed of with other Lithium-Ion products.

To use the disposable e-cig just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Lift the blu GO™ Disposable from the tray
  2. Remove the rubber cap from the mouthpiece at the end of the blu GO™ Disposable
  3. As you inhale, the blue LED tip will illuminate

blu® disposable e-cigarettes come in 2 flavours, Tobacco and Menthol. blu GO™ Disposables are available in nicotine strength 1.8%.