Maintaining your charger

Maintaining your charger

Vape pens are powered by batteries which in turn can be topped up whenever they run out of charge. You'll need to plug your charger into your device regularly to keep using it.

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What are vape pen chargers used for?

Vape pen chargers recharge the batteries that power your vape pen. Our batteries last at least 300 puffs and once they have run out charge, they need to be plugged in and topped up. Charging usually takes between 1 and 3 hours, and the battery’s LED tip will flash once the device has finished recharging.

What are the different chargers available from blu?

blu offers a variety of chargers designed to suit various needs, and these are:

  • USB Charger - Plugs into the e-cig and can be charged through a laptop
  • Mains Adaptor - Plugs into the e-cig and works faster than charging through a laptop
  • blu PRO Kit USB Charger - Plugs into the blu PRO and into any USB-compatible device

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