About blu e-cigarette Intense flavours

About blu e-cigarette Intense flavours

myblu™ Intense flavours are made using a different nicotine extraction process, meaning you’ll get more satisfaction and a more flavoursome vape.

How is myblu™ Intense different?

Ordinarily, e-liquids come in ‘freebase’ form. Freebase nicotine is volatile, so when vapers inhale an e-vapour aerosol, the nicotine ‘off-gases’ (evaporates) and deposits in the mouth and upper respiratory tract, where it is slowly absorbed into the blood.

The myblu™ Intense flavours range is different as it holds our key ingredient: nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are less volatile than freebase and remain in the inhaled e-vapour aerosol until it reaches the lung, where it is absorbed more quickly.

What are nicotine salts?

This is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in leaf tobacco.

If added to liquid alone, it requires high temperatures to vaporise. However, our nicotine salt e-liquid contains benzoic acid which lowers the pH level, reducing the alkalinity, which helps nicotine absorb into the body easier and quicker than when vaping regular nicotine liquid.

Salt nic is very soluble in fat and water, and thus more rapidly absorbed by the lungs, providing an instantly satisfying flavour when inhaling.

Strong. Smooth. A more cigarette-like experience.

Freebase nicotine affects the liquid’s overall flavour, and salts have next-to-no effect in this area, meaning you get a more flavourful, enjoyable and richer vaping experience.

The myblu™ Intense range consists of the following flavours: • Blueberry • Strawberry Mint • Menthol • Tobacco

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