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Blu basics

Who should use blu?
What is in a vape?
Are blu rechargeable devices compatible with other electronic cigarette brands?
Does blu produce smoke?
Why did you discontinue or change certain products?
Who can buy blu products?
How are blu vape devices different from traditional cigarettes?

A blu vape device simulates the smoking experience without the ash or lingering smell. There are two main components: a vape battery, plus either a refillable tank or exchangeable liquidpod depending on whether you have an open-system or closed-system device. When you press the button on our blu PRO device, or draw on the myblu device, the battery is activated. This action heats up the liquid, which is then converted into a vapour. You inhale and exhale this vapour.

Can I vape blu anywhere?
What’s the difference between automatic and manual Rechargeable Devices?
Which blu vape device best matches my needs?