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Blu basics

Who should use blu?
What is in a vape?
Are blu rechargeable devices compatible with other electronic cigarette brands?
Does blu produce smoke?
Why did you discontinue or change certain products?
Who can buy blu products?
How are blu vape devices different from traditional cigarettes?
Can I vape blu anywhere?
What’s the difference between automatic and manual Rechargeable Devices?
Which blu vape device best matches my needs?

Each blu device is different and fits different needs. Our myblu product is our easy-to-use closed-system device. It features a battery that lasts all day and charges in only 20 minutes. Simple one-click liquidpods make changing flavours quick and easy.

Our open-system device is blu PRO. The blu PRO is sleek and versatile, with a large battery and a clearomiser that you can refill manually.