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Blu devices

What happened to the blu ACE device?
How do I charge the myblu?
How do I use myblu liquidpods?
What are the safety features of the myblu kit?
Where can I purchase the myblu kit?
How long will it take to recharge the myblu battery?
For how long can I use the myblu battery before it needs to be recharged?
How long will the myblu battery last?
Why is the myblu liquidpod stuck?
Can I use any type of charger or cable to charge the myblu?

The myblu kit comes with a USB cable that can be used with a USB-compatible device (such as a computer).

We do not recommend that you use any other charger or charging cord sold by a third party as we can’t guarantee that other companies’ products will meet the voltage and current requirements of our pack. Should you choose to use a third party’s product, we cannot assure performance or be responsible for any issues that you may experience with your pack. In addition, using non-blu charging devices may void your warranty. Replacement chargers and other accessories may be purchased separately in our online store.

How do I know when the myblu battery needs to be recharged?
What kind of warranty does the myblu have?
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What kind of warranty does the blu PRO have?