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E-liquids and accessories

What is the difference between Intense and regular flavours?
What Intense flavours are there?
What are nicotine salts?
What sets the Intense range apart?
How do nicotine salts work?
Do Intense flavours contain more nicotine than regular flavours?

Comparing the nicotine percentages between the freebase and Intense ranges does not provide an accurate and complete picture. Although the percentages don’t differ that much (Intense flavours have a slightly higher nicotine percentage) the vaping experience does. The quick absorption of nic salts provides an instant satisfaction that you can’t really compare to the ‘traditional’ vaping experience.

Where can I find the blu accessories section?
Are blu accessories covered under the same warranty as blu vape kits and flavours?
Where can I buy blu vape accessories?
Where can I purchase chargers?