blu PLUS+™ Cartridge Strawberry Mint Flavour

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  • Our surprising twist on flavours
  • Combination of sweet and minty zest

Strawberry Mint is our twist on taste. This blend of both sweet and minty elements was designed to provide our combination of these two classic flavours. Made with domestic and imported ingredients: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavourings, nicotine.

Available in 0mg, 8mg and 16mg nicotine strength.

blu PLUS+™ Cartridges are only compatible with the blu PLUS+™ device.

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I have been really enjoying this refreshing strawberry mint flavour. It is becoming a favourite of mine! Cool mint with strawberry is a great combo. "

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blu PLUS+ Strawberry Mint™

Vaping is great but sometimes refilling your device can be drag... Pun intended. Enjoy life without having to refill. Our cartridge refills come pre-filled for convenience, which means no refilling or bottles of liquid. We’ve designed our cartridges to deliver great consistency and vapour production in a compact size that’s perfect for travel. Experience a real draw and big flavour with blu PLUS+™ Cartridge refills.

Available in 0mg, 8mg and 16mg nicotine.

1 Pack contains:
2 x blu PLUS+ Strawberry Mint™ cartridge refills to enjoy with your blu PLUS+™ Kit.


What nicotine levels and flavours are available for blu PLUS+™ Cartridge refills?

1.6% Nicotine Concentration

Cartridge flavours offered in 1.6% nicotine concentration include: blu PLUS+ Tobacco™, blu PLUS+ Menthol™, blu PLUS+ Cherry™, blu PLUS+ Strawberry Mint™ and blu PLUS+ Blueberry™.

0.8% Nicotine Concentration

Cartridge flavours offered in 0.8% nicotine concentration include: blu PLUS+ Blueberry™, blu PLUS+ Strawberry Mint™, blu PLUS+ Cherry™, blu PLUS+ Menthol™ and blu PLUS+ Tobacco™.

0% Nicotine

The 0% nicotine flavours available are blu PLUS+ Cherry™ and blu PLUS+ Strawberry Mint™.

What ingredients do blu® cartridges contain?

blu PLUS+™ Cartridge Refills contain the designated amount of nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, flavouring additives and distilled water.

For more information, please refer to your product packaging.

Can I refill my blu® cartridges?

No. The cartridge is prefilled and if you attempt to take the cartridge apart, it will not function correctly. blu® cartridges are intended for single-use only.

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