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How to use the blu PLUS+™ KIT


How to use the blu PLUS+ Kit - How it works

How to use blu PLUS+
Follow the instructions

  • - Remove the blu silicone plug on the end of the cartridge.
  • - Remove the pull/sticker tab from the other end of the cartridge
  • - Screw the cartridge to the battery

Ensuring yourself the best quality of flavour and vaping, as we meant it to be, make sure always to keep your cartridges sealed untill the moment you are about to use these.

Once a cartridge isn't producing any vapor anymore and the Led tip is flashing, the cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced.

When replacing the cartridge it's advised to avoid the skin to come in contact with the liquid. In case of contact wash the liquid thoroughly off with soap and water.
Unscrew the mouthpiece

The blu PLUS+ Battery


To recharge the battery, follow the instructions below:
The battery is supplied partially charged; however make sure to recharge the battery fully before your first use.

  • 1.Connect the USB charger to a computer or other device with USB support.
  • 2.Screw the battery on the other side of the USB charger.
  • 3.The red light on the USB charger indicates that the device is charging and turns blue when charging is complete.

  • If the battery start blinking it means you need to recharge it. Do not leave the battery in the USB charger for more than 24 hours.


    Nicotine strengths and flavours

    blu plus+ ecig flavours in Nicotine 0%, 0.9% and 1.8%

    blu PLUS+ cartridges are available in five different tasty flavours: Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Cherry and Strawberry Mint ranging in three different nicotine levels (0.0%, 0.9% and 1.8%).

    More about blu PLUS+ cartridges
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