JUST YOU & blu

Just you & blu

It’s hard to be yourself in a world that’s constantly trying to make you into someone else. It’s easy to slip and find yourself marching to the beat of someone else’s drum. blu stands for the individual. Whoever you are, however you want to express it, that’s okay.
As long as you’re being true to you.


We’ve found people who perfectly embody what blu stands for. They are living on their terms, no matter what. They’re not reckless, they’re in control.
Making the most of every moment.

The Pilot


Adventurer, rebel, tomboy - she pushes herself to the limit; squeezing every last drop out of her day. Challenging convention, ignoring what’s comfortable. She’s in control.

In the evenings she vapes - to relax and reward herself - for all she has achieved. It’s her moment of calm after the chaos. Just you & blu.

The Biker


He lives to ride, and rides to live. To him, the open road is freedom. A place to forget what’s happened, or will happen. He exists from one moment to the next - fearlessly drinking it in.

He vapes for pleasure. blu is his moment of reflection after a day filled with adrenaline. The finishing touch to all he has seen. Just you & blu.

The Drag Queen


Office worker by day, drag queen by night. Leader of a new era of performers. Resolutely true to who she is, she follows her own beat - with no time for those who don’t or won’t accept her. Committed to her very core, she chases perfection in every form.

She takes in a moment of reflection between sets with her blu. It’s her chance to just take a breath - after laying herself bare in front of the bright lights. Just you & blu.

The Stand Up


He was an actor who broke the rules. In standing up for his point of view and his right to express it, he found his voice as a comedian. Whether it’s to 3 or 300, the buzz for him is performing.

He vapes in-between jokes to steady himself. To ride the energy in the room. He loves to pause in that perfect, fleeting moment. blu is his sidekick in the spotlight. The companion. The friend.
Just you & blu.

The Model


A woman of talent - model, presenter, designer, blogger. Offering a unique view on all she touches. Inquisitive and courageous. Comfortable with her body and her future - she has no fear.

She vapes in the morning - watching the dawn ebb away and a new day unfold. A moment of solitary pleasure - just for her. Just you & blu.

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