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Our New blu Pro Kit


Our New blu Pro Kit

We recently launched our new tank and e-liquid range (*raucous cheers*). We spent a load of time developing our new addition, making sure the components we use make it the best out there.
Here’s a bit of a run through of what’s ‘in’ our tank and why we put it there:

Firstly, we looked at the clearomiser…
After exhaustive analysis we chose to go with a bottom coil clearomiser. With the coil at the bottom and the wick inside, the heater coil is always covered with e-liquid and this prevents a burnt taste. You also get a warm vape just like from our Premium or Starter kits e-cigarette kits. We went for a 1.8ml tank simply because it made the tank a bit more mobile.
We even agonised over the mouthpiece…the mouthpiece! It might seem fussy but it makes a real difference, seriously. Ours is connected to the centre tube, this is where the vapour flows through. By having this as one unit no excess air can get through, which, in turns makes for a better, fuller vape.

Finally we added a metal shell to the clearomiser. Simple reason, if it gets dropped there’s a better chance the clearomiser will survive the fall.

Moving on to the battery. We took a look at what was out there and picked a range of battery sizes that we felt provided the best choice for our customers.


We’re proud to introduce our new blu tech safe charge technology. Our new batteries are designed to pack a lot of power and, as such, they need a charger that’s got a good bit of back bone to it. Using a standard e-cigarette charger with a blu tank battery could potentially be dangerous and we’re big on safety so this wasn’t something we were happy to settle with. So, we developed our batteries specifically so that only the blu tech safe USB charger can be used with them.

We’ve spent a fair amount of time on our new arrival. Making sure it performs as effectively and as safely as it possibly can do. For more information and to take a look at our new e-liquid range come check out the shop on the blu website.


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