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The fastest, safest way to charge your e-cig


The fastest, safest way to charge your e-cig

What if the turtle could run as fast as the hare? He’d be all safe in his little shell AND have the legs to outrun rabbits. (Stay with us.) At blu eCigs UK, that’s what we aim for with our charging technology – fast and safe. Here’s our guide to charging your e-cig quick and hassle-free.

Danger! High voltage!

Just like charging any device, make sure the power outputs on your charging cable matches your e-cig. A good way to know for sure is to use the brand charger you got with your product. Take the blu™ Pro Kit “safe-charge” USB charger. It’s got a 4.2V output that matches the 4.2V output of our Pro Kit batteries. If your charger has a higher voltage than your battery, you could “short out” your device or overheat the battery.

Easy on the PC

You can charge blu e-cigs by plugging your blu USB stick charger or cables into your PC or laptop. Remember, if you’re charging other gadgets on the same PC, it’ll take longer. (So maybe put the smartphone on hold.) The fastest way to charge your e-cig is to plug it into the mains. Again, we recommend using your own brand adaptor. Like our blu Mains Adaptor with 5V output that safely charges all our e-cigs and batteries.

Beware knock offs

There are so many types of e-cigs on the market, that you can probably find a USB charger that fits the “thread” of your product’s battery. But lots of non-brand chargers are poorly made. And we guarantee they won’t go through the rigorous testing we do. If the non-brand charger doesn’t have the same power rating as your e-cig, it could take AGES to charge. Worst case, it’ll overheat your battery. And if you use a non-blu charger with a blu product, your warranty won’t cover any damage. D’oh!

Don’t charge overnight

We designed our Starter Kit and Premium Kit to stop charging once your case or battery is fully charged. We still recommend unplugging your blu product once it’s at full power though. (You’ll want to use it anyway, right?) Just to let you know, our lithium batteries last 250-300 “charge cycles” before you have to buy a new one. A charge cycle is anything from ten minutes to two hours; so you should drain your battery before charging. Vape till it’s dry!

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