Update your firmware

Everything you love about your blu MAX™ can now be even better. Designed to make sure you enjoy your blu at its best, firmware upgrades your blu MAX™ Rechargeable device or USB charger in your downtime. Using the included USB cable, simply plug your device into your computer to receive the latest bug fixes and updates in battery operation and airflow performance. With updated firmware, your blu products are constantly improving before you even have to ask.

*Compatible with Microsoft Windows systems only

  • Download here the upgrade of the firmware for the blu Rechargeable Device:



    Download here the upgrade of the firmware for the USB Charger:


Step 1

Click the specified “Download” link to update your desired device (blu MAX™ Rechargeable Device or USB Charger)

Step 2

Select a folder location to store the file and double click to open when the download is complete. If you’re using browsers like Firefox and Chrome, the file will be automatically saved in the “Downloads” folder and can be located there.

Step 3

To update your charger, plug it into a USB port on your Windows based computer. If you wish to update your blu MAX™, simply plug your device into your USB charger and connect to computer

Step 4

Once your device is connected, the application will automatically begin updates

Step 5

After the download, the program will respond with either a “PASS” or “FAIL” after 15 seconds signaling the success or failure of your update

Step 6

You can now close the application and begin using your updated product