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What Are E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths?


What Are E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths?

Want to know more about e-liquids? On this page you’ll find all you need to know about the strengths of e-liquids as well as the regulations that determine how they are made. We also look to clarify what the numbers mean and how nicotine strength is measured.

What Are The Rules About The Strength Of E-Liquids?

The introduction of the EUTPD means that e-liquids are limited in the amount of nicotine that they can legally contain. This limit currently stands at 2%, meaning that any 100ml container of e-liquid would not be allowed to contain any more than 2ml of nicotine.

The highest concentration of nicotine in e-liquids made by blu is 1.8%, so all of our e-liquids are well within these regulations.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

The amount of nicotine in e-liquid is reported as a percentage, millilitres or milligrams which can be confusing. When the nicotine amount in an e-liquid is expressed in either millilitres or milligrams, it is usually implied that this is in a 100ml/mg measure of e-liquid. Therefore an e-liquid said to be 1.6mg in nicotine strength would contain 1.6% nicotine with the remaining 98.4% being made up from the other ingredients. For more information on the ingredients of e-liquid, take a look at our Ultimate Guide To Vaping.

What strengths are blu’s e-liquids available in?

There are a large number of different e-liquids available from blu. These e-liquids vary in terms of their flavours and strengths. The amount of nicotine our e-liquids is also varied from 0.6% up to 1.8%. blu PLUS+ Cherry is also available nicotine-free. Below we’ve listed all of our different flavours along with their strengths and whether they’re available in cartridges or liquid.


Strength Available In


0.9% & 1.8% Cartridge & Liquid
Cherry 0%, 0.6%, 0.9%, 1.2% & 1.8%

Cartridge & Liquid

Menthol 0.6%, 0.9%, 1.2% & 1.8%

Cartridge & Liquid

Rich Tobacco

0.6%, 1.2% & 1.8% Cartridge

Strawberry & Mint

0.9% & 1.8% Cartridge & Liquid
Tobacco 0.6%, 0.9%, 1.2% & 1.8%

Cartridge & Liquid

Tobacco Gold

0.6%, 1.2% & 1.8%


Vanilla 0.6%, 1.2% & 1.8%


If you have any further questions about e-liquids, please visit blu’s Customer Service section.

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