What is Auto Ship?

What is Auto Ship?

If you find yourself ordering the same products on a regular basis, then Auto Ship could save you the time and hassle of reordering. We’ve put together some handy information including what Auto Ship is, how much it costs and how you can set up a new Auto Ship order.

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What is Auto Ship?

With Auto Ship, you can get the same products delivered to your door at regular intervals without having to reorder. In fact, once you’ve set up an Auto Ship instruction on your account, you won’t have to lift a finger. We currently support three different delivery intervals – have your favourite blu items delivered every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.

When you place an Auto Ship order, your first delivery will arrive as soon as possible. Future orders will be processed and shipped on Thursdays according to the interval that you choose. The total amount will be billed to your credit card automatically at the same time as your order is processed, and you can cancel an Auto Ship instruction at any time.

Is Auto Ship free?

We don’t charge any extra for Auto Ship orders. You will only pay for the cost of the items ordered, plus any additional fee for delivery. All deliveries worth £15 or more will be delivered for free using Royal Mail First Class. Orders worth less than £15 will incur a £1.99 shipping fee.

Am I free to change or cancel my orders?

Absolutely, it’s easy to cancel or amend your Auto Ship instructions. Just go to the My Account home screen (the first page that loads when you log into blu.com) and select ‘manage auto shipments’. There you can change your preferences or cancel your order altogether. If you wish to change the products, frequency or delivery details, you will need to cancel your existing Auto Ship order and place a new one.

How do I set up Auto Ship?

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To add a new Auto Ship instruction to your account, simply find your favourite products on blu.com and add them to your basket as usual.

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Choose your strength and quantity, then click ‘add to cart’. Make sure you have all the products you want to order added to your cart before continuing.

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At checkout, select the Auto Ship option. Choose how often you want the order to repeat – every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.

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Set up your first Autoship order by finding your favourite blu products and adding them to the cart.

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