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Why blu’s Flavours are so Good – The Low-Down


Why blu’s Flavours are so Good – The Low-Down

In our own humble opinion the blu e-liquids are top – what makes blu e-liquids different from a lot of other brands out there is the fact we only use the highest quality ingredients. Our nicotine is 99% pure and we only use USP grade PG (propylene glycol). Add to this that we also use many natural ingredients to create our unique flavours and this is when you start to understand that blu e-liquids offer one of the best vaping experiences around. You may see hundreds of flavours available elsewhere but, here at blu, we do not buy the same old ready-made flavours available to all other brands. We invest a great deal of time in creating our flavours from scratch; we take great pride in making ours the most unique and satisfying flavours around. We have an in-house team working hard on each flavour to create the desired taste we set out to produce, this can be anything from enhancing the tobacco flavours to making that special difference to our unique menthol.  This is not an easy process but we feel that the results make it worthwhile and hope you do too. Here is a little insight into what we do:

The blu analysts will spend days if not weeks gathering information on the e-liquid market to keep on top of all the weird and wonderful combinations that are out there (they have a whole host of clever tools to help them understand what’s hot and what’s not). Once we have this data we like to involve you guys, our customers, as your opinion matters the most to us. We ask what flavours you would like to see from blu and then we use all this data to create a short list of four or five flavours at a time, remember we are about quality not quantity!
This is where the fun starts. We will then create a base flavour for these and formulate several different versions with our team for our panel to sample. The panel give their feedback and we usually end up with a clear winner for the most popular experience and taste. We then pin this down to perfection and fine-tune it to optimise the flavour. This is our “secret sauce” kind of bit that stands us apart from the competition. Once the final decisions are made, we then commence production.


At this point we are almost ready to unleash our new awesome flavours on you, but our first production is always a test. As always, our customers are central to our thoughts, so we will receive our first batch and test, test, test to ensure that everything is as planned and perfect. Only then do we release the flavours to you to enjoy.


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