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Why vapers think e-cigs are better than cigs


Why vapers think e-cigs are better than cigs

The results from our e-cig and vaping survey are in. Thanks to the 120 of you who took part.

One of the questions we asked you was, “Now that you use e-cigs, which benefit have you noticed most?” Here’s what you said was the best part about using e-cigs over cigarettes.

And the winner is…

With 40% of the vote, “no cigarette smell – on you, your clothes, your home” came first. That was miles ahead of the joint second place answers of “money saved” and “freedom to use indoors” – which both got 18% of the vote. You picked “variety of flavours” as the third biggest benefit of e-cigs over cigs.

Different strokes…

Not all vapers are the same though, so let’s dig a little deeper into the stats. A massive 73% of you said you’ve “made the switch” from smoking cigarettes to only enjoying e-cigs. In this group, “no cigarette smell” was the top benefit. 16% of you confided you enjoy e-cigs and cigarettes. And 7% class themselves as occasional e-cig users. Both these groups think “freedom to use indoors” is the best thing about e-cigs.

Kits vs. tanks

The top benefit for vapers that use cig-a-likes (45%) and tanks (42%) was “no cigarette smell”. Interestingly, cig-a-like users picked “flavour” as more important than tank users. That’s despite the greater variety of e-liquids than cartridge refill flavours. Goes to show quality beats quantity.

Battle of the ages

Both women and men picked “no cigarette smell” as the top benefit (35% and 45% respectively). And 25-64 year old vapers followed their noses too. The only age groups to challenge the norm were 18-24 years old who reckon “freedom to use indoors” is best. And the 65 plus group, of which 45% picked “something else”. Your answers include “it’s all of the options”, “easier to sneak out or in” and “all the above, plus I’ve not burned me or holes in my clothes”.

The full story?

So, what happened when we put the question a different way and asked, “What do you look for in an e-cig?” Well, “range and quality of flavours” came top with 30% of the vote. “Throat hit / nicotine” came a close second with 29%. And “value for money” came third with 21%.

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