About myblu™ vape flavours

Premium flavours from blu are manufactured in the EU following wide-ranging research and development. We’re constantly exploring new flavour combinations to ensure we deliver a high standard of products to our consumers. Whether you’re looking for minty, sweet or traditional vaping flavours, at blu we have a unique selection available to explore.

myblu Flavours, a brief overview




  • Our tobacco vaping flavours are designed for an authentic taste.




  • Menthol vaping flavours offer a cool, refreshing sensation with every draw.




  • Our bright yet subtle cherry flavour, is designed to achieve the tart yet rich flavour of juicy cherries. Available in three different nicotine strengths.


Mint Chill


  • Chill out with icy Menthol and wild, ripened blueberry flavours designed to make Mint Chill a uniquely fresh vape


Café Latte


  • Enjoy your morning pick-me-up and your blu all in one with hearty notes of roasted espresso beans and steamed milk.


Eucalyptus Lemon


  • Inspired by the refreshing harmony of zesty, sour lemon with cool mint tones of eucalyptus.


Ginseng Ginger


  • A spicy, sweet taste designed with the warming power of ginger mixed with the restorative effects of ginseng.


Green Apple


  • Pucker up for a sweet and sour vape inspired by mouth-watering green apples! With a tart and tangy natural flavour, you’ll love the taste of freshly-picked Granny Smith apples.


Mango Apricot


  • Vacation with our sweet and tangy flavour inspired by a taste of paradise. Enjoy notes of mango and apricot for a full fruit finish.


Tobacco Crème


  • Try this rich, aromatic blend crafted for the flavour of full-bodied tobacco with notes of creamy vanilla bean.