What are vape device batteries?

Understanding how myblu batteries work and how to use them will help you get the most from your vape device.

Where Are Vape Device Batteries Found?

myblu vape device batteries form the base of the device and attach directly onto liquipod. Whenever the battery is out of charge, it can be removed and attached to a USB charger so that it can be recharged for future use.

How Do myblu Vape Device Batteries Work?

myblu vape device batteries are activated in one of two ways depending on the vape device. The myblu batteries are activated by a motion sensor inside the mouthpiece which detects when an inhale is taken.

How Do I Know That My Battery Is Working?

blu® vape device batteries have a LED light on the tip of the vape device which lights up whenever vapour is inhaled from it. This same light can also be used to indicate when the battery is fully charged, as it will begin to blink when the device has finished charging.

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