Vaping Device Battery Maintenance

Making sure that your battery is in good working order is key to any vaping experience. Without a functional battery, your vape device simply won’t work, so it’s important to understand how to use your battery properly. Here we take a look at the best ways to maintain your battery.


As with the mouthpiece, batteries need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are working properly. Dust and dirt can find their way onto the battery fairly regularly, especially if you carry around your vape device in your bag or pocket, so maintenance is vital.

The terminal is the most important part of the battery, as this is the only exposed part of the device. If you get anything inside this port, it’s almost impossible to get out. If something does get inside it can reduce the performance of the battery.


As the previous section suggests, one of the best ways to keep your battery working at full capacity is to keep any dust or dirt out of the terminal. One of the easiest methods to avoid this is to store your battery correctly. By keeping your battery in a secure place it is less likely to accumulate any debris. This will also help protect your battery from any damage. If you are using the myblu device it is still worth finding a safe place to store your battery at home and a safe way of carrying it around with you. When you’re out of the house, make sure that the battery isn’t left at the bottom of a bag or purse as this may cause damage. To keep the battery working properly, it should also be kept away from direct sunlight and at room temperature when you’re not using it.


We recommend making sure your battery is fully charged before you go out. If the battery runs out completely, too often, it can impact performance.

It is also important not to overcharge the battery, it should take around 20 minutes for the battery to fully charge. We recommend you don’t leave your vape device to charge overnight, as this can damage the battery and reduce its life.

When your myblu device is fully charged the tip will flash.