What are open and closed vaping systems?

Experienced vapers will know that there are a lot of different ways to vape. However, someone new to vaping may not know about the differences between Open and Closed vaping Systems. The various features give you a different vaping experience. In this guide we look at what the differences are, as well as the benefits of each type.

What are Open and Closed Vaping Systems?

The two main types of vaping device are Open and Closed system, both work in slightly different ways. In Ireland, we currently only sell closed system vape devices.

The main difference between Open and Closed Vape Systems is the way the e-liquid is delivered to the heating mechanism.

  • Open System vape devices have a clearomiser which is filled with e-liquid manually, they also have a removable mouthpiece.
  • Closed System vape devices use refills, which come ready-filled with e-liquid, and clip onto the e-cig battery, the mouthpiece is built into the vape device cartridge.

The main three parts of an Open System vape device are the mouthpiece, the clearomiser and the battery. On some vape devices the wick and coil can be detached.

Open system

Clearomiser, mouthpiece and battery are attached

Closed System vaping devices are similar, they have an vape device battery and a cartridge. The main difference is that the cartridge cannot be refilled in the same way as a clearomiser can.

Closed system

Cartridge and battery are attached

What are the benefits of an Open System Vape Device?

Open System vaping devices, which are sometimes called vape pens, are completely reusable as the e-liquid can be topped up once it has run out.

Open System vaping devices often have a smoother draw.

An Open System vape device also has a more powerful e-cig battery, which means that it will last for longer when fully charged.

What are the benefits of a Closed System Vape Device?

Closed System Vape Devices, which are also referred to as Pod Systems, are ready to vape as soon as they are fitted together and charged.

There is no need to refill any e-liquid which means there is no mess when a pod runs out. Once a Closed System Vape Device is finished, the vaper can dispose of the empty pod.

How can I get the most out of my Open System Vape Device?

To get the most from an Open System vape device, vapers need to know about the flavour ghosting issue. This refers to the lingering flavour when a vaper decides to change e-liquid. The best way to avoid flavour ghosting is to have different clearomisers for each flavour of e-liquid and change them when you change your e-liquid.

How can I get the most out of my Closed System Vape Device?

It is recommended that a Closed System Vape Device is charged as often as possible, as this will ensure that every draw is flavourful.

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