Can I vape at the cinema?

There are two areas you could theoretically vape in at a cinema. Firstly, there’s the lobby which is to say anywhere within the cinema’s premises that’s not one of the screens themselves. Secondly, there are the screens themselves. In both cases, the rule is pretty strict: you are not allowed to vape at the cinema; at least not in the major multiplex chains.

Why is this the case? Cinemas are no different than any other public space (pubs, restaurants etc.) in that there’s a concern that vaping inside the building could cause upset among customers who do not vape. This risk is increased in a cinema where vape clouds could cover the screen, inviting complaints from attendees.

Some of the smaller chains may allow vaping in certain areas, but it’s highly unlikely. If you’re not sure and want to vape in the cinema, check with someone at the cinema you’re visiting and they’ll be able to give a firm yes or no.