Keep charged on the go with our e-cigarette car charger or at home with our wall adaptor. Alternatively, upgrade or keep a spare e-cig battery or rechargeable device to ensure you are always vaping, even if your first battery runs out. Our e-cigarette accessories will ensure your vaping experience will never have to suffer.


What can I find in the blu® accessories section?

In our blu® accessories section you will find everything you'll need to supplement your vaping experience. This includes extra batteries or clearomizers for your e-cig as well as a variety of different chargers to suit your needs.

Are blu® accessories covered under the same warranty as e-cigarette kits and flavors?

The warranty for blu® products differs depending on the product you have purchased. For further information please visit our Returns & Refunds FAQ section, or contact the blu customer service team.

Where can I purchase e-cigarette accessories?

You can find accessories available for all our blu® range of e-cigarettes at our online store. This includes rechargeable devices, clearomizers, e-cigarette chargers and ashless e-cig trays.

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