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Services and Fees

Auto Ship is a free service that allows you to receive eligible products according to a frequency that you select. Your credit card will automatically be charged according to the shipment timeline that you have selected, and the product will be shipped to you automatically. Auto Ship orders will be shipped using USPS free shipping, unless an expedited shipping method is chosen. If you live in a state where a signature is required for delivery of vaping products, then you will have the option of UPS ground shipping. These customers will be required to sign for their package at delivery, and the customers have the option of UPS Ground shipping, free of charge, in order to meet this requirement. We cannot offer any guarantee of delivery or accept any liability for lost orders. All delivery issues should be addressed with your local post office or UPS.

There is no expiration date for the Auto Ship service. You will be enrolled in the service until you choose to cancel your automated shipments or until blu decides to end the program.

By adding a product to auto ship you are agreeing to our Auto Ship Policies.

Customer Eligibility

Only registered users and customers that have an account can use the Auto Ship service. Guest customers are not eligible.

This Website is intended only for use by adults aged 18 and older. If you create a account, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password. You further acknowledge and agree that you must be of legal smoking age to purchase or consume any of blu’s products or to participate in any of our promotions or other offers on this Website or otherwise.

You can Join for Free and create an account on our website if you would like to participate in the Auto Ship service.

How to Select Auto Ship Products

If product is eligible there will be an option to include it as an Auto Ship option when you select to add the product to your Shopping Cart. You will also have options to select the frequency and quantity of the product that you would like to have shipped.

Auto Ship Scheduling

You can select the frequency in which you want your product(s) shipped according to a one, two, or four week schedule. All auto ship orders will be processed and shipped on Thursday, with the exception of your first order.

Your first auto ship order will be shipped based on the normal schedule of when you create it. If you ordered before 1 PM EST, it will ship the same day. For example, if you place an auto ship order on a one week schedule on a Monday at 11 AM est. Your first order would be shipped out on that Monday. Your second order, would not be shipped until the following Thursday (10 days) then your orders will ship on a one week schedule every Thursday from then on out.

Cancelling Your Auto Ship Selections

You can cancel your auto ship any time. Simply login to your account, go to the Auto Shipments and click on the cancel button relating to your auto ship order.

If you wish to change your selection of product, frequency of shipping, or to edit account details, you will need to cancel your current auto ship order, and then head to our shop and create a new order with your new preferences. You can also cancel an item selected for Auto Ship by calling Customer Service at 888-207-4588 FREE.

Changing Your Auto Ship Selections

To change your selection of product, frequency of shipping, or to edit your account details:

1) Log into your blu account and select Auto Shipments

2) Cancel your current auto ship order

3) Create a new order in our online shop with your new preferences

Credit Card Information


You can verify the “Next Processing Date” associated to all of your items that you have selected for Auto Ship by going to My Account and selecting Auto Shipments.

If your credit card cannot be processed (including reasons such as, but not limited to, expired credit card date or change of address), you will be notified via email. You are obligated to provide current, complete, and accurate information for your billing account. You are responsible for promptly updating all information to keep your billing account current, complete, and accurate. You must promptly notify us if your credit card information is cancelled or is no longer valid (e.g., loss or theft).We employ financial institutions, other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf and transactions that you request or authorize. Examples include processing payment transactions, verifying identity, and fraud screening. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes.If you have questions about your credit card you can contact our Customer Service department by calling 888-207-4588 FREE.


Although we make every effort to keep our inventory stocked to ensure we have items available for all of our customers, increased demand may occasionally cause us to run out of some items. In such instances we will still continue to ship all products which are available. If you only have one product in your schedule we will ship that item again once it is back in stock. If you are on a 2 week schedule, this means your item would be sent the next week after it is back in stock. If you have multiple products in your auto ship service, we will only ship the product that is available.We will not ship anything that was in back order. Once it’s back in stock, you will be sent the normal quantity that you signed up for on the next date in your schedule. For example:

You created an auto ship order with 2 packs of Classic Tobacco Tanks, and 3 packs of Cherry Crush Tanks on a 2 week cycle. When you created your auto ship order, the Cherry Crush Tanks were out of stock. This means, for the first auto ship order, we will send you only the Classic Tobacco Tanks. The next week, we get the Cherry Crush Tanks back in to stock. On your next cycle we will ship you the 2 packs of Classic Tobacco Tanks, and the 3 packs of Cherry Crush Tanks. Not 6 packs of Cherry Crush Tanks.

Other Notices

All information currently stated in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the blu website are also applicable to our Auto Ship services.

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