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08 January 2016

Behind the Scenes: blu PLUS+™ Works National Advertising Campaign

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Advertising has always been a necessary evil here at blu. Let’s face it: As an existing blu consumer, most of the time you tune out advertising. But many smokers still need to find out about e-cigs. So for our latest advertisement we tried to think of how to get the word out to smokers, and we kept coming back to one choice.


When it comes down to it, there is no one better suited to talk about blu than real people. blu fans are hands-down our best spokespeople, so who better to star in our TV commercial, magazine ads, and web campaign?

So we got to scouting, and found 11 real blu consumers to fly to Charlotte, NC, the home of blu. They came from all over the country — East Coast, West Coast and all points in between, with the furthest fan hailing from Fresno, CA. You may recognize some of our featured fans as former Customers of the Month and blu PLUS+™ reviewers. Some were found just through interacting with us on social and telling us why they love blu!

Making a television commercial involves a ton of work. As one featured fan, Amber, says, there were “so many lights, cameras, and people behind the scenes” – not to mention a fog machine (or as we called it, a vape machine!). But despite the heavy workload, we made sure the shoot remained casual and laid back.

The set was in the center of Charlotte’s downtown area (aka “uptown” to locals) at a beautiful penthouse. These blu fans had never been filmed for a nationally televised commercial before, so some walked into the shoot location a little nervous. But by the time the camera was rolling, they seemed like on-screen naturals. Perhaps Robert (one of the blu fans filmed) explains it best: “I wasn’t expecting how comfortable I would feel during the shoot, and I planned on being nervous,” he says. “But the blu team is the coolest team on the planet and made me feel 100 percent myself and natural. It was the best day ever!” That really drove home that we had made the right choice.

After filming over two consecutive weekends, our production crew went to work editing the 11 interviews. Maybe you, too, can relate to some of their stories!

We’re always looking for more reasons why blu PLUS+ works for you. Got one you want to add? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our TV ad. We think it turned out amazing!

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