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New Flavors, New Products, and more!


New Flavors, New Products, and more!

We have some exciting news! We’ve launched many new products and flavors, ranging from brand new devices like the blu PRO™ kit to new Tank flavors. Now we’ve taken  your feedback and delivered. Without further ado, take a look below at all of the new members of the blu product family.

blu PRO™ kit
It’s a question our fans have been asking us for a while. Do you have plans to introduce a refillable device in the United States? Well, we’ve been listening, and we’re happy to announce that the blu PRO Kit and blu Liquids are the latest addition to the blu US family!  Our blu PRO™ Kit is refillable meaning you can refill different e-liquids in to the device. In the UK, our blu PRO kit won “Product of the year” in 2015, the first year it was on the market. The blu PRO™ features blu Smooth Flow Technology™ to create a smooth draw and purer, cleaner taste. It also comes with a top-filling clearomizer too make refilling easier and reduces the possibility of spillage. You can find out all about the features of the blu PRO by clicking the link below.


blu®  liquids
Complementing the blu PRO, we’re  happy to announce that blu flavor liquids are now available in refillable bottles! On top of the flavors you know and love in our blu® Tanks, you’ll also find new blends such as Caramel Café, Berry Cobbler, and more!


New Tank flavors
If you love your blu PLUS+™, but still want to try out the different flavors, you’re in luck! All of our new flavors have also been introduced in pre-filled tanks. Some of these will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to act now by clicking here if you want to get your hands on these flavors.


New Disposables
Last but not least, our Disposable range got an upgrade as well! A couple of months ago we brought two fan favorites, Vivid Vanilla, and Carolina Bold to the disposable family, and now we’re introducing one more, Glacier mint. Not only is the disposable range getting new flavors, but we decided to introduce a new nicotine strength for all of our disposable flavors, which is 4.5%. Learn more by clicking the image below!

We know this is a lot to take in but we want to hear your thoughts on these exciting new products by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter. By giving us your feedback we can only get better!

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