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blu for Two


blu for Two

With Valentine’s Day in our rearview mirror, love is in the air (*cue violins*). But the same could be said during the spring, summer, or really, whenever! Do you share special moments vaping with your significant other? We asked this question, and here’s what a few blu fans told us via social media. Yes, we read these and said “awwwww” too:

Leisa W. (via Twitter) loves sharing her blu with her boo:
“Not having to run out for a pack!!”

Tammy P. (via Facebook) is part of a long-term vaping couple:
“As high school sweethearts, we have pretty much done everything together over the past 37 years. That included smoking. We split a carton of cigarettes way back when, now we split a box from blu when it arrives! He’s the Magnificent Menthol and I’m all the other flavors — Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, or whatever I am hankering this month! He knows I’ve already ordered for the month because we have that thing about we no longer have to speak to each other, we know what each other is thinking or finish each other’s sentences. Our blu kits are all over the house, so we just share each other’s (we both have a habit of laying them down and leaving them, LOL). Now our nest is empty, it’s quiet with just the two of us again. The two high school sweethearts don’t share a carton of cigs anymore, but a blu PLUS+ kit and our LOVE!”

Dwilight F. (via Twitter) feels Zen when using blu with their significant other:
“Vaping with my boo makes me feel calm and serene!”

Patrick W. (via Facebook) loves the convenience of vaping in bed:
“My wife and I each have a PLUS+ pack and a social pack. I’m all about the Cherry Crush. My love loves Magnificent Menthol. We enjoy cuddles in bed without worrying about holes burnt into the sheet or smelling up our room with smoke.”

Rachel (via Twitter) has a great date idea:
“I love #vaping inside with my sweetie watching a movie, instead of having to pause it to go outside all the time!”

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