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09 February 2018

Flavor Scientist Interview: How blu’s E-Liquid Is Made

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E-liquid comes in a load of great flavors that let you vape the way you want – but have you ever wondered how it gets made? Some of you may know the different ingredients that go into our e-liquid, but understanding how it all comes together has been a bit of a mystery – until now!

Recently we spoke to Norma Schwarz to find out more about how e-liquid gets made and the quality control which ensures every batch is made to the highest possible standard. Norma works as a Master Flavor Chemist in the facility which produces blu e-liquids, and she gave us the answers to all the important questions.

blu: Hi Norma, thanks for talking to us. First off, how long does it take to make the e-liquid in total?

Norma: In production, that all depends on quantity. One batch can take 4-8 hours to produce.

How much e-liquid do you use for quality control testing per day?

It depends on how difficult the flavor is to create. Small 10-gram trial samples are made to vape, and we can do 30-60 tests in just a day.

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Do different flavors have different bases (i.e. would there be more/less PG or VG in a mixture of one flavor compared to another)?

Yes, the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) ratios can vary per flavor. For example, some flavors taste better in a higher PG than others; it just depends on the flavor you are creating.

How long does quality control testing of flavors take?

When doing this type of lab testing, it can take up to 6 months to 1 year per flavor. First, you need to create the flavor, and then you run stability tests. If the e-liquid doesn’t pass this test, then you must go back to the start and begin the process again.

A flavor can change overnight, a week later or even a month later, so we test them in different devices and leave them uncapped out in the open air just like a consumer might. Every day they get vaped to see if any changes occur. In just one day you can have complete flavor loss of a flavor that tasted fine the day before.

After that, you need to let the e-liquid sit for a month before starting the process all over again. This will ensure you are getting a quality flavor that will last. There are many more steps after this is finished, such as analytical testing, toxicology testing and panel testing which can take several months. If the flavors fail at any of these stages, it is back to square one.

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So how long have flavors been in development in the past?

It can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to do it right.

Are there more flavors to come in the future?

There will be more flavors in the future for blu, but they will be using outside help to develop them. I don’t know the exact processes, but this is the way it should be done. I’ve been creating flavors for 40 years, and e-liquids are not easy when you have many restrictions to abide by.

These restrictions include the Flashpoints – the lowest temperature at which the liquid will combust when mixed with air on finished e-liquids for shipping purposes and toxicology (the limitations on what can be used to create them).

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