blu’s Guide To Vaping At Festivals

05 August 2016

blu’s Guide To Vaping At Festivals

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Come rain or shine, many people will find themselves spending the summer months miles from home in search of music and fun. But for vapers planning on heading to a festival, there is one important question: can you vape at festivals?

The answer in general is yes, but with the added note that it is usually only allowed in open spaces. Vaping is permitted at Burning Man, although festival goers are asked to adhere to its Leaving No Trace policy. Many other festivals have similar policies, but if you’re still unsure about vaping at the festival you are attending, get in touch with the festival organizer.

Part of the festival experience is surviving without the comforts of home, so for anyone new to vaping at festivals, take a look at these tips on how to clean and charge e-cigarettes at a festival.

To work to its full capacity an e-cigarette needs to be kept clean. In order to make sure an e-cig is fully functional, it is recommended that the mouthpiece is wiped down as often as possible. This will help the e-cig keep producing vapor properly and ensures that the taste isn’t affected. Wiping down an e-cig with a paper towel or tissue and a small amount of water helps to keep it clean. Batteries and tanks can also be kept clean this way, and batteries should also be wiped with a paper towel or tissue to remove any dirt or dust from the terminal.

When cleaning a blu PRO® Kit, it is recommended that the e-cigarette is disassembled before cleaning. To best clean the clearomizer, remove the mouthpiece and place a folded paper towel or tissue behind it. Then, blow gently through the mouthpiece. This will help to clear out any residual e-liquid. Alternatively, take a small bottle of water, place the mouthpiece inside and screw the lid on. Shake the bottle of water rigorously and then remove the mouthpiece. Wipe down before screwing back onto the shell.

An effective way to keep an e-cig clean is to keep it in a secure place. This will reduce the amount of dirt or dust that can contaminate the e-cigs. The blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit can store rechargeable blu batteries, Tanks, and can charge your batteries on the go. Spare batteries, tanks and e-liquid should also be stored in a cool place as too much heat will affect the way they perform.

If cleaning doesn’t appeal to you, you can purchase a second clearomizer and switch between them. This will help ensure you’re not repeatedly having to clean your device, but also means that you’re still getting a nice vape.

Some festivals offer hubs where phones and e-cigarettes can be charged. A blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable kit carries two batteries and a USB cable to charge the pack.

To avoid running out of batteries, e-liquid or cartridges, vapers can also take spares with them. blu® Disposable E-Cigs don’t require either charging or refilling as they come pre-charged and can be thrown away once finished, so they may be the perfect option for vaping at festivals!

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