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3 Reasons to Switch to blu in 2016


3 Reasons to Switch to blu in 2016

You’ve thought about it for a while now. Is this the year when you finally make the switch to e-cigs? Sure, you’ve seen others do it. You might have even done a bit of research. But you’re still wondering if blu is right for you.

If you decide to make a change to e-cigs in 2016, you won’t be alone. Here’s a short list of great reasons to make blu your e-cig of choice this year.

1. blu offers options

We realize one size really does NOT fit all. No two smokers are exactly alike, so with blu, you have choices. That way, you can find the e-cig that’s right for you.

Choose simple, on-the-go disposables or rechargeable kits. Choose from a variety of delicious flavors. Choose from multiple nicotine levels, ranging from high nicotine (2.4%) to no nicotine (0%).

2. blu is simple to use and easy to find

It’s not rocket science. It’s blu. Using our rechargeable kits or disposables requires no refilling and no complicated instructions to follow. In short, it’s easy.

Plus, you can find blu® electronic cigarettes at over 100,000 retail stores throughout the U.S., so there’s likely a blu close to you. Or, shop at our online store and get FREE standard shipping!

3. blu gives you satisfaction

We took feedback directly from adult smokers to find out what they wanted from an e-cig. The answer? Great vapor, bold flavors, and performance to give more satisfaction — all of which you’ll find in blu. We designed blu e-cigs to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

All over the country, countless people just like you have already made the switch to blu. Check out what they have to say here, here, and over here, too.

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