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4 Things You’ll Find in Top E-cig Brands


4 Things You’ll Find in Top E-cig Brands

There’s a lot of noise in the e-cig industry right now. A lot of different companies are emerging with new vape pens, vaporizers, mods — the list goes on — and they all claim to be the best e-cig option. Which got us thinking: what really makes for a top e-cig company and retailer?

Of course, we’re biased (go blu!). But, here are our pointers for determining a superior e-cig brand from a dud.

1. Awesome Customer Service

One of the things blu fans like best about blu eCigs is our awesome, attentive, and HELPFUL customer service. If you call into a company and you can’t reach their support team, or it’s an outsourced customer service center, you’re looking at a rookie retailer. blu’s Customer Service is based right here in Charlotte, N.C., and dishes out tons of useful advice — from why your battery may not be holding a charge, to how to change your auto ship preferences.

2. A (Legit) Online Store

Be wary: There are a lot of online e-cig stores out there that are a sham. They may be selling a ton of e-cigs or vaporizers on their site for a super low cost, but you know what they say: If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always go to a brand’s website to buy their product directly— you can even end up saving money by doing so (bulk pricing, anyone?). Now that’s a real deal.

3. Flavor Variety

We don’t know about you, but we think variety is the spice of life. Part of the problem with tobacco cigarettes is they only come in two “flavors”: tobacco and menthol. So boring. We’re all about a different flavor to match your mood. Trudging through a long workday? Perk yourself up with a zing of Cherry Crush. Sipping on your morning cup of joe? Pair that with a smooth Vivid Vanilla tank. Out at a bar with your friends? Whip out a Pina Colada tank and keep the good times rolling.

4. Responsibility

We take this one seriously here at blu. We only market to adult smokers, and we do our best to support the environment by encouraging vapers to recycle their batteries (and by using blu, you won’t be tempted to litter the ground with cigarette butts!).

What do you look for in the best e-cigarette brands? Share with us on Facebook!

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