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Can I Vape on a Train?


Can I Vape on a Train?

So you’re sitting and waiting for the E train (or the tube, light rail, T — whatever your city calls it) and you have the itch for a cigarette. You know smoking is prohibited in the station — but what about your ever-so-convenient blu® e-cigarette?

Not so fast. Unfortunately, when it comes to mass transit, e-cig use falls in the same category as cigarette use (even though the two are vastly different, in our opinion). This means if the city bans smoking system-wide (like in the case of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago), you’ll have to wait to use your blu until you’re off the train, off the platform, and onto neutral territory — i.e. the street.

Same goes for the rail system across the pond, as signs prohibiting e-cig use popped up in train stations across Great Britain this past summer.

So what are some alternatives to pass the time on your subway or train ride? Here are a few suggestions…

  1. Catch some zzz’s. We know it’s hard to fall asleep when you’re sitting upright. But even a light snooze can improve productivity.
  2. Read a book. Not into books? Magazines will do.
  3. Netflix and chill — no really. Download, stream, whatever you need to do to get some multimedia flowing on your screen. Definitely helps the time fly.
  4. People watch. There are some interesting characters on mass transit. Sit back and enjoy the free entertainment. Pro tip: Sit on the quiet car and watch people seethe at that one person who’s on their phone.
  5. Consider speaking up against vaping bans. More and more public places are starting to ban e-cigs. Take the time to make your voice heard by lodging a complaint with your government.

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