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How to Activate Your E-Cigarette


How to Activate Your E-Cigarette

Turning your e-cigarette on may not seem like the most challenging of tasks, but appearances can be deceptive. Vaporizers come in a number of different shapes and sizes. We here at blu have a range that encompasses disposables, cartridge-based rechargeable kits, and tank-based open system devices that need to be refilled with e-juice. These device types are activated in different ways, and it’s important to understand the varying approaches.

Disposables and Rechargeables
blu Disposable E-Cigarettes, the blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit and the blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit are examples of Closed System e-cigarettes. They either cannot be replenished (for example, Disposables, which should be thrown away once used) or require cartridges (the blu PLUS+ Kits) rather than e-liquid.

This kind of e-cigarette is not activated by a button or switch. Instead, when you puff on the device’s mouthpiece, a motion sensor located in the battery detects the action and activates the device. The battery powers the heating coil, and heats the contents of the cartridge. This then creates the vapor which the user inhales.

To deactivate the device, simply stop vaping and put the e-cigarette away.

blu PRO Kit

The blu PRO Kit is an Open System e-cigarette, and that means it’s activated in a slightly different way to disposables and rechargables. To turn the blu PRO Kit on, the user simply needs to push and hold the device’s on button (which features an illuminated blu triangle logo). The button will illuminate when the device is activated.

When you first activate the blu PRO, the battery needs to be turned on. To do this, the button should be pushed five times in quick succession. When successfully activated, the button and the light at the battery tip will flash three times.  

And that’s how you activate your e-cigarette! If you have any problems, consult the Customer Service section, and don’t forget our Live Chat.

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