The Pursuit of Something Better

29 November 2016

The Pursuit of Something Better

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I’m Arthur van Benthem, Founder and CEO of Fontem Ventures, the company behind the blu brand. Our people invented the technology behind nearly every e-cig in the market today, and also created a brand unlike any other. In fact blu was the first brand to take vaping onto a national stage through TV advertising, and the first to be sold in retail stores nationwide.

Our fans have always been clear on what they want – something simple, something satisfying, something that works. The purpose of blu is to provide this and more – to truly represent something important, for smokers and vapers.

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Our newest technology is exactly that – it will be the first time that an e-cigarette will respond to your draw. Responsive Draw moves the e-cigarette one step closer to a traditional experience. It could only come from blu.

Innovation is at the core of the DNA of blu, and as we look to the future, we imagine a world where the blu e-cigarette is not only as satisfying as a traditional experience, it’s truly something better. We are well on our way to making that happen. It’s all about customizing the experience – so you can enjoy the blu that’s right for you, whatever the occasion.  Our next generation products will be not only responsive but predictive – anticipating what you need, when you need it.

We are proud of where we are – but we know that it’s only when you let go of what you have, that you find something better.

So watch this space, and follow me on Twitter @AVBblu.

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