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Why blu PLUS+ Works for Claire – E-Cigarette Review


Why blu PLUS+ Works for Claire – E-Cigarette Review

Have you seen our “blu PLUS+™ Kit Works for Me” commercial on TV yet? If not, don’t sweat it: You can learn more on the PLUS+ Works page, plus we’re highlighting our different “stars” each month. This week, meet Claire! A true blu super fan.

Simply put, Claire is COOL. She’s from right outside Charlotte, NC (blu’s hometown as well), and she’s very into technology and gaming — in fact, she works in community management for a gaming company. She knows her stuff when it comes to technology, which is one reason she loves blu, since it’s a high-tech answer for her smoking needs. Claire says blu is a perfect fit for her lifestyle, since she’s constantly traveling for gaming conventions: she says blu is “simple, not complicated, and can travel with me.”

Claire’s video shoot was on a Sunday afternoon, so Claire was thrilled that we were able to watch Sunday football in between takes, since she’s a huge fan of her hometown team, and was conflicted about missing the game! Overall she says being with the blu crew felt like “hanging out with friends.” Thanks Claire!

If you haven’t yet, tell us about your experience with blu PLUS+ on Facebook! You could be featured on our site next.

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