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Why blu PLUS+™ Works for Katrina – E-Cigarette Review


Why blu PLUS+™ Works for Katrina – E-Cigarette Review

We’re taking a closer look at one of the interviewees from our new blu PLUS+™ kit commercial: Katrina! Katrina is from Lima, Ohio and jumped at the change to appear in our commercial because blu is a product she believes in and uses daily. We love hearing that!

We first met Katrina when she submitted an e-cigarette review video through our Facebook page, professing her love for PLUS+. She’s a big fan of the smooth, strong and BOLD flavors. Her favs include Cherry Crush and Pina Colada, which remind her of being on a nice, sandy beach — a welcome mental break from cold Ohio winters.

View Katrina’s video above, and learn why blu PLUS+ provides her with the ultimate vaping satisfaction.

Once you’re done watching, head over to Facebook to submit your own video about why #PlusWorks for you!

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