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Why blu PLUS+ Works for Ken – E-Cigarette Review


Why blu PLUS+ Works for Ken – E-Cigarette Review

You might’ve already seen Katrina talk about her experience with blu PLUS+™ kit. This time, we’re going to focus on Ken, another real-world consumer who was featured in our television commercial.

Ken is from Ohio, but he works in Chicago, so he gets around. A self-described “old school guy,” Ken has tried a lot of other e-cigs, but he’s found blu PLUS+ to be the best. After the video shoot, we asked Ken how it felt to take part in a nationally televised commercial. He responded it “was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Ken, we’re flattered!

Check out Ken’s video, and learn why PLUS+ gives him exactly what he’s looking for in an e-cig. If you haven’t yet, tell us all about YOUR experience with blu PLUS. Just go to Facebook to submit your own #PlusWorks video.

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