Vaping and Travelling: blu’s All You Need To Know Guide

Long walks on sandy beaches, warm evenings sipping cocktails on busy terraces and cool dips...

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Ten Must-Try Vaping Flavors For Spring

Ever notice how spring gives you a special feeling that changes your ou ... Read more

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Autoship: Hassle-free Vaping is Easier Than Ever

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Five Reasons Why People Start Vaping

Five reasons why people start vaping Why people start vaping may vary f ... Read more

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Vaping For Beginners

New to vaping? Five things you should know E-cigarettes have been aroun ... Read more

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Do E-Cigarettes Set Off Fire Alarms?

One of the most important questions vapers face in everyday life is: wi ... Read more

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4 Steps To Start Vaping With Confidence In The New Year

Whenever you start something new, those first few steps into the unknow ... Read more

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How To Choose Your Next Vape Juice

Finding the right e-liquid is always a moment to savor – the fini ... Read more

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Which Airports Can I Vape In?

Tickets, passport, money…e-cigarette? Whether you’re flying away ... Read more

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Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly

When it first burst onto the scene roughly a decade ago, one of the bes ... Read more

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