blu™ Vape Juice Flavors That Complement Fall

14 October 2016

blu™ Vape Juice Flavors That Complement Fall

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With summer winding down to a close, it’s time to put the barbecue back in the garage and search through the closet for that warm, fuzzy sweater. For any vapers looking to make an easy transition into fall, here are a few vape juice flavors we recommend to compliment the crisp air and balmy evenings.

Caramel Café
Nothing says fall like a strong cup of coffee on a cold morning, and our Caramel Café e-cig tanks and vape juice come with the delicious richness of an espresso. The creamy layers of caramel are followed by a warm, luxurious taste.

Berry Cobbler
No fall would be complete without a warming dessert, and our Berry Cobbler e-cigarette tanks and vape juices are packed with the delicious flavors of the classic dish. Berry Cobbler has a delicious home-baked taste and is finished with subtle notes of vanilla and seasonal berries.

Continuing along the seasonal berry theme, our Blueberry e-cig tanks and e-juices offer a bolder flavor compared to the Berry Cobbler. Blueberry is unlike any other flavors by blu™ and gives a unique vaping experience.

Cherry Crush
Cherry Crush is another berry-based flavor in this collection, and its strong taste is abundant in both e-cigarette tanks and vape juices. Fruitier than the other flavors in this list, Cherry Crush offers a tangy and refreshing taste.

So there you have it: our suggestions for autumnal flavors. If you have any fall favorites that you’d like to tell us about, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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