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blu's Pledge World initiative has been helping people realize life-changing goals by granting pledges. Whether you want to go bull-running in Pamplona, sing in front of 1,000 people, or simply make people's lives better – no matter how big or small your pledge is, share it and it could become a reality, just as Sebastian Errazuriz's did.

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blu Marble is a spectacular public artwork and the result of a “pledge” by renowned artist Sebastian Errazuriz, made possible by blu’s Pledge World initiative. Make a pledge today and your dream could become a reality too.

See blu Marble on public display at 159 Ludlow Street, New York City from March 13.


blu Marble, Discover a New Perspective

blu Marble, takes the form of a 20 foot circular LED screen that displays real-time footage of planet Earth created by custom software that pulls photographs from a NASA satellite and merges them to form a seamlessly animated view of Earth, offering a unique perspective and inspiring positive change.


About Sebastian

New York-based artist, designer and activist Sebastian Errazuriz’s expansive body of work blurs the boundaries between contemporary art, technology and craft, provoking conversation and raising awareness. All this experience comes together in his latest artwork, blu Marble.
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