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  • blu PLUS Recharge Kit Medium-1| blu®

    blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit Classic Tobacco

    In Stock

    Our blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit offers:

    • Pack that recharges your batteries on the go up to 6 times
    • Room for 2 batteries and 3 refill tanks
    • LED indicators on side of the pack tells you when you need to recharge
    • Sleek and slim pack design that fits easy in a pocket or purse.

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  • blu® PRO™ Kit | Vaping Kit- Medium | blu®

    blu PRO™ Kit

    In Stock

    Our blu PRO™ kit offers:

    • Long-lasting, high performance battery for optimal use between charging
    • User-friendly safety features to save battery power
    • Easy side charging to charge fully assembled device
    • Blue triangle tip with five LED charge indicators
    • Top-filling clear window clearomizer for easy refilling
    • 10 ml. bottle of blu® Liquid Tobacco (2.4% nicotine)

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  • blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit

    blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit

    In Stock

    Our blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit offers:

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  • Blu Disposables US Classic Tobacco Main Unpacked

    Classic Tobacco Disposable

    Our blu Disposable in Classic Tobacco:

    • A single-use, disposable e-cig
    • Recognizable tobacco taste
    • Warm blend crafted for fantastic flavor

    $7.99 Read more

  • blu Disposable Magnificent Menthol Image-1 MEDIUM

    Magnificent Menthol Disposable

    Our blu Disposable in Magnificent Menthol:

    • A single-use, disposable e-cig
    • Original menthol flavor
    • Cool peppermint and spearmint undertones

    $7.99 Read more

  • blu Carolina Bold™ Disposable E-Cigarette Image-1 MEDIUM

    Carolina Bold Disposable

    Our blu Disposable in Carolina Bold:

    • A single-use, disposable e-cig
    • Big, bold tobacco flavor
    • Full-flavored, authentic tobacco taste

    $7.99 Read more

  • Blu Disposables ecigarette CherryCrush Image-1 MEDIUM

    Cherry Crush Disposable

    Our blu Disposable in Cherry Crush:

    • A single-use, disposable e-cig
    • Bold and tangy taste
    • Slight blu Classic Tobacco undertone

    $7.99 Read more

  • blu® Glacier Mint Disposable E-cigarette Medium-1 | blu®

    Glacier Mint Disposable

    Our blu Disposable in Glacier Mint:

    • A single-use, disposable e-cig
    • Icy
    • Notes of spearmint

    $7.99 Read more

  • NEW Blu Disposable ecigarettes Vivid Vanilla Image-1 MEDIUM

    Vivid Vanilla Disposable

    Our blu Disposable in Vivid Vanilla:

    • A single-use, disposable e-cig
    • Smooth, creamy vanilla flavor
    • Not too strong, not too sweet

    $7.99 Read more


Check out the full range of e-cigarette and vaping products, from products designed to introduce beginners into vaping, such as our blu PLUS+ kit range, our PRO range or products designed for vapers on the go such as our Disposable range of e-cigarettes.

Choose from our two available vaping kits, our blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit, or our blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit, both supplied with our blu PLUS+ Classic Tobacco flavored tanks for that unique blend of tobacco taste.

Interested in trying a new flavor with your kit? Why not test out one of our many blu tanks or cartridges refills to explore a new vaping experience. For anyone wishing to explore vaping for the first time, our Disposable e-cigarettes are an ideal product to begin the journey, with 6 exciting flavors to try.