blu® Disposable

Blu® Disposable

  • Comes fully charged right out of the box
  • No recharging, refills or unnecessary accessories
  • Simply dispose of when finished

Convenient, and less work over the other e-cig kits i've tried. These also last a long time!


To start your journey

Charged, prefilled and ready. Straight out of the box.

You're in good hands

  • blu customer vaping an e-cigarette - Testimonial| blu US
    "I bought a blu disposable and it totally blew me away"


  • blu customer vaping an e-cigarette - Testimonial| blu US
    "Besides just a good product, there is also a company behind the product that you can actually talk to. blu hit on all of those things"



blu® Disposable

Our disposable e-cigarette range comes in 6 exciting flavors, which includes our new Vivid Vanilla, Glacier Mint and Carolina Bold flavors. Already charged and pre-filled, no additional work is required except enjoying a great vaping experience on the go!


How do disposable electronic cigarettes work?

Disposables come in one piece. Inside the disposable is a battery, atomizer, and the flavor cartridge, which contains liquid. When a user inhales on the mouthpiece, the battery activates the atomizer, which heats up the liquid and turns it into a vapor. The vapor is what a user inhales and exhales.

Can I recharge my disposable?

No. Disposables are intended for one-time use only. There’s no assembly and nothing to charge or recharge. Open the package, remove the rubber cap and take a draw from that end of the e-cigarette.

How long will a disposable last?

How long our disposables last depends on your own personal usage.

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