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Blu PRO™

  • Easy refilling with blu® Liquids
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Indicator lights notify you of your blu PRO™ charge level

The battery on the blu PRO lasts a long time and it is very easy to use and maintain. It is worth the investment. I love it!

blu PRO E-Cigarette | blu US blu PRO E-Cigarette | blu US
blu PRO™ Kit
$29.99 $20.99
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blu PRO™ Clearomizer
$10.99 $7.69
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blu PRO™ Rechargeable Device
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Different options for different needs

The refillable e-cig with rechargeable batteries

blu PRO+™ Kit Large-1| blu®

blu PRO™ Kit

$29.99 $20.99

what's in it for me?

  • Creates a superior draw every time you vape
  • Top-filling tank for an easy fill and no mess
  • Refined battery connection for improved performance

what's in the pack?

  • blu PRO™ E-Cigarette Kit Image | blu US
    1 blu PRO™ Clearomizer
  • +
  • blu e-cig car charger | blu US
    1 PRO USB charging cable
  • +
  • blu PRO™ E-Cigarette Kit Image | blu US
    1 blu PRO™ Rechargeable Device
  • +
  • blu Liquid image | blu US
    1 blu® Liquid (10mL) Tobacco (2,4%)
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  • blu PRO™ Rechargeable Device

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  • blu PRO™ Clearomizer

    $10.99 $7.69
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You're in good hands

  • "The biggest thing, was the draw felt more natural. It’s very comfortable for me"


  • "As all your reps are and have been in the past super friendly and eager to fix a problem. I totally am and will remain a blu customer period, point blank"




Our blu PRO™ e-cigarette range consists of our PRO™ Kit, designed for a long lasting vaping experience with user friendly safety features to save battery power. With a smoother taste and premium features, the blu PRO™ kit gives you the best value for your money. A better taste, easy flavor customization and quick USB charging, allow for a superior experience like never before.

Used with one of the many e-juice flavors compatible with the blu PRO™ Kit, our blu® Liquids range provides a different vaping experience with each flavor.


How do I turn my PRO™ Kit device on/off?

Push the button five times in quick succession to turn on your device. Both the button and LED tip will flash three times to indicate that the device is ready to go.

When your device isn’t in use, always turn off your blu PRO™ by pushing the button five times in quick succession. The button and LED tip will flash three times before powering down.

How long will it take to charge my blu PRO™ Rechargeable Device?

It will take approximately three hours to charge your blu PRO™ battery, so you’ll have plenty of time to scour our website for your next blu purchase or rave about us to your friends! We obviously recommend both.

When should I replace my clearomizer?

We recommend you replace your clearomizer ever 10 fills to enjoy consistent, flavorful taste. Get replacement clearomizers on our Accessories page.

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